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Preparing to Go to the Emergency Department

​​​​​​Emergency departments can be very stressful for someone with dementia. It’s busy, noisy, and full of strangers. Wait times may be long and there may be no way of knowing if it’s day or night. It’s helpful to prepare your loved one for a visit to the emergency department.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada​ has excellent tools that you can use with your loved one before they go to the emergency department. These tools give the emergency department staff information about your loved one, such as:

  • what they like to be called
  • things that help calm them or make them feel worse
  • how they may act
  • what medicines they take
  • who their caregiver is
  • their care wishes​​

Current as of: June 21, 2019

Author: Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network™ (SCN), Alberta Health Services