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Getting Enough Calcium and Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplement recommendations for healthy people

The Nutrition Services team at ​​​​Alberta Health Services has done an in-depth review of vitamin D recommendations for healthy populations.

Since we can’t get enough vitamin D from food or sunshine to get what our body’s need, Alberta Health  Services recommends that all healthy people in Alberta take a vitamin D supplement. Use the table below to find out how much vitamin D supplement is recommended at different ages.

Age Recommended daily vitamin D supplement amount (IU)
0 to 12 months400 IU
1 to 18 years400 IU
19 to 50 years400 IU
51 years and older1000 IU
pregnant or breastfeeding400 IU

Breastmilk and infant formula have vitamin D in them, however:
  • breastfed babies can't get enough vitamin D with only breastmilk
  • babies drinking infant formula may not always drink the amount needed to get enough vitamin D
It is recommended that all healthy infants be given a liquid vitamin D supplement every day.

Some people may need higher amounts of vitamin D, such as those at risk of osteoporosis. Talk with your healthcare provider if you think you may need higher amounts of vitamin D.​

Current as of: September 25, 2023

Author: Nutrition Services, Alberta Health Services