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Newborn Blood Spot Screening

What If My Baby Needs More Tests?

Sometimes a baby needs to have more tests. This doesn’t mean they have one of the treatable conditions they were screened for. It means they’ll need more tests to find out if they have one or not.

Testing is important because even though your baby looks and acts healthy, they could still have one of the treatable conditions. It’s normal to feel worried if your baby needs more testing. Your specialists and other healthcare providers are there to support you. They’ll explain what will happen and answer your questions.

How will I know if my baby needs more tests?

A healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, or midwife) will contact you if your baby needs more tests. You’ll get information about:

  • where to go
  • when the test will be
  • what type of test it will be (blood, urine, or both)
  • how the test will be done
  • what you need to bring with you to the test

Ask them any questions you have. You might find taking notes is helpful.

What can I expect with more testing?

Everything that will happen with more testing will be explained to you. Your baby may need to have their blood and urine tested to check if they have one of the treatable conditions. The doctor may also order other tests.

More tests may be done at a clinic in Edmonton or Calgary that specializes in these treatable conditions. In some cases you, as parents, may also be referred to your family doctor for testing.

What if more testing shows my baby has one of the treatable conditions?

If more tests show that your baby has one of the conditions you and your baby will get the best care available. Specialists will work with you to make a care plan for your baby. Your baby may also need a change in diet and may need to take special medicine.

Where can I find more information about the treatable conditions?

If your baby needs more tests, you may want to learn more about the treatable condition. Just remember that it’s important to get information from sources that are based on facts and research. Always be careful when searching for information about the treatable conditions on the internet. There’s outdated and unreliable information out there that may not be true today.

For more information about the treatable conditions, go to What Conditions Are Screened For?

If you have questions about your baby’s treatable condition or your baby’s health, talk to your family doctor, nurse, or specialist. They can help to answer your questions and tell you where to find information that you can trust.

If you’re ever worried about your baby’s health, follow the instructions your healthcare provider has given you or call Health Link at 811.

Current as of: March 25, 2020

Author: Alberta's Newborn Metabolic Screening Program, Alberta Health Services