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Foot Care for People with Diabetes

Why foot care is important

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Good foot care (healthy skin, nail care, and proper footwear) is very important for anyone with diabetes, because you have a greater risk of having problems with your feet (such as skin that is dry and cracked, sores, changes in foot shape). This is because diabetes damages your nerves and reduces blood flow (circulation) to your feet, which can cause serious foot problems. About 1 in 5 people with diabetes who go to the hospital do so for foot problems.

But if you inspect and take care of your feet every day, you can prevent many of these problems. This information explains what you can do to keep your feet healthy.

Foot care is even more important if you have any:

  • loss of feeling, numbness, or tingling in your feet
  • changes in the shape of your feet or toes
  • sores, cuts, or ulcers on your feet
  • pain or cramps in your lower legs

If you have any of these problems and they don’t get looked after you could develop an ulcer (wound) which could lead to an amputation. ​Good foot care can lower the chances of amputation.

Current as of: September 23, 2021

Author: Diabetes, Obesity, and Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services