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Cardiac Ablation

What to expect before the procedure

​Once you know the date of your procedure, a booking clerk from the Arrhythmia Clinic will contact you. They will give you information about what you need to do or know before the procedure, such as:

  • what medicines you can keep taking and which ones you need to stop taking
  • any heart tests you need to do
  • the phone number for the clinic doing the ablation (in case you have any questions or concerns)
  • not eating or drinking after midnight the day before your procedure

You’ll need to come into the clinic before your procedure to meet with the electrophysiologist and other members of your healthcare team. When you’re at the clinic you’ll have a chance to ask the doctors and nurses any questions you have about the procedure. Please write your questions down and bring them with you to your appointment.

If you decide to have this procedure, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form. Your signature on the consent form means that:

  • you understand why you’re having the procedure
  • you understand what the possible risks are
  • your questions about the procedure are answered

Current as of: September 20, 2019

Author: Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network, AHS