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Systemic treatment video series (chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy)

​​There is a lot to learn when you are first diagnosed with cancer and are going through systemic treatment. This video series was produced by Cancer Care Alberta, with cancer patients and experts. It will tell you about systemic treatment and different treatment types, as well as how to manage side effects and live well during treatment.

​​What is systemic treatment? (14:50)

Learn about different types of cancer treatment. Find out how to prepare for your appointments, what to expect, and how to be safe with your medicine. Patients, Doug and Shannon share their experiences of being diagnosed and having treatment.


Side effect management (7:14)

Learn about common side effects from cancer treatment and how to manage them. Patients, Doug and Shannon talk about how they managed their side effects.


Targeted therapy (3:24)

Learn about targeted therapy, what it is, the common side effects, and why it is only for certain people.


Living your best during systemic treatment (10:37)

Find out about ways to cope during your treatment through topics such as fatigue, sex, stress, and nutrition. Learn what resources are available to help you and your family. Patients Doug and Shannon share ways they coped during treatment and explain how to advocate for yourself.


Current as of: July 12, 2023

Author: Cancer Care Alberta, Alberta Health Services