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Advance Care Planning

Keep advance care planning documents in a Green Sleeve

A Green Sleeve is a plastic pocket that holds your important advance care planning forms.

  • Personal directive: A blank personal directive form comes with the Green Sleeve. If you already have your own personal directive, take out the blank form and replace it with yours.
  • Goals of Care Designation (GCD): The Green Sleeve includes a blank GCD order form. This blank form is for your healthcare provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) to fill in. If you think you might need a GCD order, bring the blank form to your healthcare provider so you can talk about it. If your healthcare provider has already written your GCD order, take out the blank form and put your own GCD order in your Green Sleeve as the first page.
  • Advance Care Planning/Goals of Care Designation Tracking Record: This comes with your Green Sleeve and is not for you to fill in. Your healthcare provider uses this tracking form to write down conversations they have with you about your advance care plan and GCD. Keep it in your Green Sleeve as reference for all your healthcare providers.

Your Green Sleeve goes with you through Alberta’s healthcare system. In an emergency, healthcare providers can look at your Green Sleeve and quickly know your healthcare wishes. Keep only the most up-to-date documents in it so healthcare providers are clear on what your current wishes are. Healthcare providers in all settings (such as the hospital) may ask if you have a Green Sleeve.

Where can I get a Green Sleeve?

There are 2 ways to get a Green Sleeve:

  • Ask your healthcare provider (such as your family doctor) for a Green Sleeve.
  • Order a Green Sleeve online. You can have up to 2 Green Sleeves mailed to your home by following these instructions. It can take 5 to 10 business days for your Green Sleeves to arrive. If you need to order extra Green Sleeves (up to a maximum of 2 per household), or if you have questions about your order, email

Where should I keep my Green Sleeve?

Your Green Sleeve belongs to you. When you’re at home, keep your Green Sleeve in a place where it’s easy to find, such as on or near your fridge. This is a good idea because emergency responders (such as paramedics) need to find your important healthcare documents quickly. They’re trained to look for personal medical information near your fridge. (Watch a video where a paramedic talks about the Green Sleeve.)

If you go to the hospital or a healthcare appointment, take your Green Sleeve with you. Be sure to bring it home.

You can watch a video about the Green Sleeve to see what it looks like and to learn more. ​​​

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