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Learning About Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS): After Your Surgery

What is it?

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) is a set of guidelines. Hospitals and surgery centres use it help you prepare for surgery, control pain, shorten your stay, and recover sooner. Before surgery, you'll eat healthy food and drink enough fluids. Afterward, you'll eat and get out of bed as soon as possible.

What can you expect after surgery?

You will drink water and eat healthy foods as soon as you can after surgery. Your care team will urge you to sit up in a chair while you eat.

The doctor or nurse will encourage you to get up and walk as soon as you can. The more you can move, or at least sit up in a chair, the better.

Your doctor may give you a shot of medicine. This is to block the pain from the affected area of your body. You may also be given medicine like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If opioids are used, your doctor will give you the lowest dose for the shortest possible time. Opioids can make your recovery harder. And they can be less safe than other medicines.

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