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Bedtime for Brannon

Brannon sits on the couch with his dad
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Hi! I'm Brannon. That's me with my dad. I used to have some trouble sleeping. Bedtime was not my favourite thing! But when I didn't get enough sleep, I was tired all day. I was even a little grumpy.

My dad helped me try some new things at bedtime so I could feel better the next day. Let me tell you about bedtime at my house.

Brannon plays a video game
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I had a hard time slowing down at bedtime. I always wanted to get to the next level in my game or keep building my mega city. But now we put my tablet and toys away before bed. It was kind of hard at first. But now it's easier.

Brannon runs across the living room
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I used to run around the house right before bedtime. I didn't want the day to be over. But my dad said all that running made me too full of energy. It was hard for me to fall asleep.

Brannon and his dad read a book in bed
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Now Dad helps me quiet down a little before bed. I take a bath, and then we read books and cuddle. It helps me feel sleepy.

Brannon sleeps in his bed
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When it's time for me to go to sleep, we turn out the lights. My dad closes the door most of the way. That makes it nice and quiet. I try to go to bed at the same time every night. Sometimes we turn it into a game to see how many nights in a row I can do it.

Brannon stands outside his room, ready for the day
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And I get up at the same time every day. Now, when I wake up, I'm ready for the day.

Brannon eats breakfast while his dad cooks
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I'm not so tired in the mornings now, and that makes it easier to get ready for school. We have more time to eat breakfast. I usually have cereal. But sometimes dad makes me eggs and toast. That's my favourite!

That's Brannon's story. What about you? Are you like Brannon sometimes? Do you have trouble feeling sleepy? Or do you get a little grumpy because you're tired?

Now that you know what Brannon does at bedtime, can you think of some things that might help you?

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