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My Personal Records includes the ability to send and receive secure mail with your healthcare provider.  To use the function, click on the “Messaging" tab on the left hand menu.

Click the blue “Launch” button. Please note that when you launch Secure-Mail, you are taken out of MyHealth Records. Remember to sign out of Secure-Mail and MyHealth Records, and close your browser when you are done.

Once you launch the secure-mail functionality, you will need to agree to the Terms of Use and create a password when initially setting up the secure-mail functionality. The application looks like a typical email inbox. Click the green “Compose” button to find clinics and providers you can email. You can view your received messages on the left hand side under “My Inbox.”

Secure-Mail allows you to safely share information with your healthcare provider. By using this tool, you consent to Alberta Health sharing some of your registration information with the Brightsquid Secure-Mail application.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by discontinuing the use of the Brightsquid Secure-Mail application through MyHealth Records. If you wish to close your Brightsquid account, you may contact Brightsquid directly by sending a message to Customer Support (support@brightsquid.com) from within the Brightsquid Secure-Mail application.

Please note:

  • Administrative staff from your clinic may have access to the e-mail you send your healthcare provider.
  • This service is not for medical emergencies. Call 911 to report a medical emergency.​

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