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Low Back Pain Pathway

Review your treatment and management options

Back pain often improves on its own, but there are treatment options that can help.

Things you can do

To feel better faster, it may help to:

  • Stay active and get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.
  • Try to keep good posture, especially when lifting, reaching, twisting.
  • Decide if you need to adjust or avoid some activities that cause your low back pain.

To learn more:

First treatment options

Your healthcare provider will help you understand your low back pain and what first treatments might help you. Treatments may include:

  • Exercises and education specifically for you and your condition with a physiotherapist.
  • Strategies and treatment options to manage pain if it stops you from doing your daily activities.

Other treatment options

Your healthcare provider may recommend other treatment options for you. These include:

  • active therapy or acupuncture
  • avoiding and managing stress
  • avoiding standing, sitting, or lying down for too long a time
  • using mobility aids if you have trouble walking

Some people may be referred to a specialist or surgeon.

If your low back pain is chronic, it may help you to get support and education by joining a support group.

Low back pain pathway map

Low Back Pain Pathway

Download or print the full patient pathway (PDF) and summary (one-page PDF) to learn more about how to manage and treat low back pain.
Patient Pathway      Summary  ​​​​​​​

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