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Lower Limb Ischemia Pathway

Get your tests

To help understand how well your blood is flowing to your legs and how serious your condition is, your healthcare team may order the following tests:

  • Blood work. Blood tests that look for things like cholesterol and blood sugar levels help your healthcare provider support you to manage some of the things that might impact your risk of lower limb ischemia.
  • Ankle brachial index
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Toe pressure. This measures blood pressure in your big toe.

Your healthcare provider may also look at the colour of your foot when it is raised and after walking.

Lower limb ischemia pathway map

Lower Limb Ischemia Pathway

Download or print the full patient pathway (PDF) and summary (one-page PDF) to learn more about how to manage and treat lower limb ischemia.
Patient Pathway      Summary  ​​​

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