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Lower Limb Ischemia Pathway

Before your appointment

To get ready for your appointment with your healthcare provider:

  • Write down how you feel, your symptoms, and a​ny concerns you have. Use a symptom tracker​ (PDF) to help you remember information about your symptoms. Common symptoms you may have with lower limb ischemia​ are muscle pain in your legs when you are active, changes to the skin colour of your foot, cool or pale skin, and wounds that heal slowly.
  • Review your list of symptoms and questions and mark the things that are most important for you to share with your healthcare provider.
  • Make a list of any medicines​ you use, including any vitamins, lotions, herbs, and supplements.
  • Ask someone you trust to go with you to your appointment. They can help you ask questions, write down instructions, and remember explanations.
  • Bring a pen and paper and plan to write notes during the visit or record the conversation using your phone or an app like the Alberta Health Services My Care Conversations app​.

Lower limb ischemia pathway map

Lower Limb Ischemia Pathway

Download or print the full patient pathway (PDF) and summary (one-page PDF) to learn more about how to manage and treat lower limb ischemia.
Patient Pathway      Summary  ​​​​

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