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Delirium in ICU Patients

What can I do if my loved one is diagnosed?

​​​​​​​​You know your loved one best. Sharing information about who your loved one is and what they like can help us give them the best care. Having you there with them brings them comfort, even if you can’t tell. You can also bring your loved one comfort by doing the following:

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  • let the nursing team know your loved one’s preferences
  • share with your nursing team who they are as a person outside of the ICU
  • bring in their glasses, hearing aids, and other items they use
  • talk in a calm voice and keep conversations simple
  • try to keep their attention by reading to them, playing music, rubbing their hands, or praying with them
  • tell them about current events and talk about family members and friends
  • bring in 1 or 2 of their personal items from home
  • let them know the date, time, and where they are
  • help them with daily activities such as brushing their teeth, washing their face and other activities you’re comfortable helping with
  • open blinds during the day to allow natural light in the room or turn lights on
  • set up how they like to sleep at night such as using certain blankets, having dim light or making sure they have earplugs

Current as of: June 22, 2020

Author: Critical Care SCN