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Kidney Transplant

Donor and Recipient Video Stories

Waiting for an available kidney can often take many years for people with end stage renal disease. Living kidney donation provides one option to many who are eligible for a kidney transplant. One of the most important benefits of having a kidney from a living donor is that the living donation can often happen much sooner than a transplant from a deceased donor. The following stories provide a look inside the lives of a few living donors and kidney transplant recipients and how family and friends have come together to help one another.

Linda and Jane share a laugh

Linda and Jane’s Story - An angel in the neighbourhood

Linda and Jane share a laugh and a special connection through living kidney donation. This is the story of this special connection.

See Linda and Jane’s living donor story.

Lexi and Scott’s Story - Brotherly love

Lexi and Scott’s Story - Brotherly love

Scott Barr didn’t hesitate when his sister, Lexi, asked him to donate his kidney to her. “It’s family. You just do it. No questions asked.”

See Lexi and Scott’s living donor story.

Lori and Rob’s Story

Lori and Rob’s Story - Pairing up can be a life saver

The Kidney Paired Donation program lets this couple give, and receive, the gift of life.

See Lori and Rob’s Kidney Paired Donation story.

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