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Living Kidney Donation

About Testing

How long does the testing take?

Tests to see if you are able to donate are called testing, evaluation, assessment, or work up.

It can take several months to finish all of the testing needed to become a living donor.

Tests are set up around your schedule when possible. However, you may need to take some time off work, school, or your daily tasks to do the testing (evaluation). The time it takes depends on where you live and what tests you need to have done.

By going to all your appointments and doing the tests as soon as you can, you can avoid making the evaluation take a long time. If you can’t make an appointment or you miss one, call the living donor program right away so it can be rescheduled.

Sometimes during testing a new medical condition might be found. If this happens, the living donor program will send the test results to your family doctor to follow up. You may also get a referral to a different healthcare provider for more tests or for treatment.

It’s important for all potential donors to be aware that new and unexpected findings during your evaluation may make it difficult or impossible to get further medical insurance coverage, this includes life insurance. We recommend all donors look into their health insurance policies before starting their evaluation.

What’s involved in the evaluation?

There are several tests that all potential donors need before they can be a living kidney donor. Your living donor program coordinator will ask you questions about your medical and social history. Then other tests will be done to make sure donation is safe for you and the recipient.​​

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