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Pregnancy After Transplant

You may wonder if it’s possible to have children after having a transplant. If you are thinking about becoming a parent for the first time or having more children, talk to your transplant team before you try to get pregnant or father a child.

Men and women who have had a transplant should use a reliable method of birth control after a transplant. Some of the medicines you need to take after a transplant may harm an unborn baby. This includes mycophenolate and some other medicines such as blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering medicines. If you become pregnant while you’re taking these medicines, there is a risk of having a miscarriage or a child born with birth defects.

Women should wait at least 1 year after a transplant to make sure the new kidney is working well, before becoming pregnant. When it is safe for you to become pregnant, the post-transplant team can prescribe medicines that are safer to take during pregnancy. If you become pregnant, you will also need to have extra medical care, planning and follow-up.

Men should also talk to their post-transplant team if they are thinking about having children after a transplant. Some of the medicines to pr​event rejection may affect a pregnancy if you are taking them at the time you get a woman pregnant.

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