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iKNOW Health


iKNOW Health began as a project in 2016 to help Albertans better understand the healthcare system, so:

  • you feel better prepared to understand, navigate, and engage in your healthcare and health-related discussions and activities
  • Albertans, patients, and family members who partner with healthcare providers feel more prepared to help and offer ways to improve Alberta’s health care system
  • you can find the information and tools you need

When you’re able to navigate and engage in your healthcare, you’ll be better able to care for yourself and work with your healthcare providers to manage your health.

Our co-design team​​​​

iKNOW Health is a project that is co-designed with co-chairs from Imagine Citizens Network (ICN) and Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs).

Our task force includes Alberta patients, families, citizens and volunteers from the:

  • Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA)
  • Patient Engagement Platform-ABSPOR (Alberta Strategy for Patient Oriented Research)
  • Office of the Alberta Health Advocates (OAHA)
  • ActionDignity
  • Alberta International Medical Graduates Association (AIMGA)
  • Integrative Health Institute (IHI)
  • Institute of Health Economics (IHE)
  • Alberta Health Services departments (, Communications, Engagement and Patient Experience, Innovation Evidence and Impact)

These volunteers have worked together with healthcare professionals across Alberta to co-design iKNOW Health.

iKNOW Health is co-designed by Albertans for Albertans. Co-design is different than just getting feedback or consulting. It’s an equal partnership between healthcare providers and citizens who are affected by or are solving problems. One key point of co-design is that users are 'experts' of their own experience.

We gratefully acknowledge all task force members, organizations, citizen and patient advisors (past and present), and the Calgary Health Foundation for their financial, in-kind and volunteer support of this work.

Phase 1​​​​

Healthcare Basics for Albertans is the first phase of iKNOW Health (formerly called Healthcare 101). Phase 1 includes the co-design of this education resource that goes over:

  • sources of health information
  • healthcare services in Alberta
  • the partners that make up Alberta’s healthcare system

Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses on navigation and self-advocacy. We are building tools, resources, and a foundation for better social practices, including health and healthcare. These tools will help Albertans independently navigate the healthcare system and advocate for themselves.

Finding and accessing health information and services isn’t always easy. There are resources and support to help you find and access services. There are also things you can learn, to help you find and access services on our own.

Independent navigation is about knowing:

  • when and how to find what you need or are looking for
  • when and how to get help, if you need it

Independent navigation doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own when you’re navigating or advocating. It means you know what you can do on your own and where to go for help when you need it.

More information

To learn more about this project and co-design, visit Imagine Citizens Network (ICN). You can also find out how to stay engaged and connect with us about our work.​​​​​

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