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Intensive Care: A Guide for You and Your Family

When it’s your partner in the ICU

If your partner is very ill, you may suddenly feel very alone. It’s OK to accept offers of help from friends and family. You’ll have less time to do things like shopping, paying bills, and may need help with child or pet care.

A social worker at the hospital may be able to help you:

  • apply for disability (if needed)
  • complete forms such as insurance, sick leave, and others
  • with financial concerns, including parking and cheaper local hotel rates
  • other services you may need or are eligible for

Most people usually turn to their partner when they have worries and stress. When your partner is ill you’ll need to find someone else to talk to. Talk to another family member or a close friend. If you don’t feel like you can, you can talk to the ICU staff. A spiritual care team member can be called to come to sit and talk with you, discuss your ongoing concerns, and provide support.

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