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Imaging Tests

The healthcare team

When you have an imaging test, you’ll meet a technologist. Technologists are healthcare professionals who work in a diagnostic imaging department. They’re often the ones who use the equipment and machines to do your test. They make sure the pictures show the right amount of detail and information to help the radiologist make a diagnosis.

Radiologists are doctors who work in a diagnostic Imaging department.

  • Diagnostic radiologists diagnose diseases. They look at your test results and let other doctors know what they find.
  • Interventional radiologists treat diseases with therapeutic imaging procedures. They use imaging tests to guide needles, probes, or other tools inside the body.

Diagnostic imaging departments may also include nurses. Nurses help prepare you for your procedure, support the radiologist, and keep you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. They’re also the healthcare team members who watch you as you recover after any type of imaging test or procedure.

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