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“Providing optimum palliative and end of life care evaluation, ensuring the best quality of patient care.”


In August 2014, a systematic literature review was conducted by the University of Alberta, which identified a comprehensive list of palliative and end of life care (PEOLC) service quality indicators from across the world. Following this review, PEOLC subject matter experts evaluated and identified a number of distinct indicators and parameters to be used in an Alberta-specific PEOLC service quality dashboard. A dashboard is a tool that tells us how well we are doing by measuring what has been offered in the past compared to what is being newly developed.

The provincial PEOLC dashboard will provide the means to evaluate the provincial PEOLC program, and provide information on the various aspects of services across the province. These include, but are not limited to, evaluating the quality of care received in hospice and home care, and analyzing the number of patients who use these services.

To date, the provincial PEOLC Practice and Development team and stakeholders have chosen 10 service quality indicators and 9 parameters. These will be used to evaluate PEOLC service quality in all AHS zones. An annual performance report will also be made public to ensure transparency between AHS and Albertans.

This project is currently in phase 1 of a multi-year developmental plan. The dashboard will provide valuable measurements of the provincial PEOLC program as it moves forward with the health care and program initiatives outlined in the 2014 PEOLC Alberta Provincial Framework.

FAQ: Provincial Palliative and End of Life Care Dashboard

What does the Provincial Palliative and End of Life Care Dashboard provide?

This dashboard is meant to provide a way to evaluate the quality of palliative and end of life care services across the province. It uses diverse indicators and parameters, allowing us to identify and address strengths and opportunities to build the program for better patient care.

When will performance reports be published?

Performance reports will be published once a year and made available to AHS staff and the public.

How can AHS staff access dashboard information?

People outside of AHS can access dashboard information by emailing their request to

Will the indicators and parameters evolve with the program?

As work continues with this multi-year project, indicators and parameters will be adjusted to keep improving the success of the program.​​​​​​​​​​