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Cancer and Sexuality

What is OASIS?


OASIS stands for Oncology and Sexuality, Intimacy, and Survivorship program. The program helps support people with cancer to adjust to sexual changes. OASIS offers clinical services and education for people who have cancer and for healthcare providers.

The Oasis program helps people with cancer who have sexual health concerns.

The OASIS information helps people with cancer learn how treatment may affect the body, mind, and relationships in relation to sexuality. It will help people learn about:

  • changes they might have
  • ways to manage challenges
  • ways to stay sexually active​

Classes and programs available:

  • The Lowdown on Down There

    A one-time class about vaginal health for women with cancer. You need to register.

  • Androgen Deprivation Therapy

    A one-time class on Androgen Deprivation Therapy (hormone therapy) for men with prostate cancer. You need to register.

  • Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

    A one-time workshop for couples to learn strategies to keep sexual intimacy after prostate cancer treatment. You need to register.

  • Life after Prostate Cancer

    A series of talks on nutrition, exercise, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and psychology and sexuality.


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