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Cancer and Sexuality

References and Resources


General Sexual Health



Latest Journal Articles

Print Books

Leibson, Beth, The cancer survivor handbook: your guide to building a life after cancer. New York, NY: Skyhorse Publishing, [2014]

Drescher, Jack, 1951- A gay man’s guide to prostate cancer. New York: Haworth Medical Press/Harrington Park Press, c2005.

Peltason, Ruth A. I am not my breast cancer: women talk openly about love & sex, hair loss & weight gain, mothers & daughters, and being a woman with breast cancer. New York : Harper, 2008.

Maisano, Gina M. Intimacy after breast cancer: dealing with your body, relationships and sex. Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers, c2010.

Katz, Anne. Man cancer sex. Pittsburgh, Pa.: Hygeia Media, c2010.

Katz, Anne. Woman cancer sex. Pittsburgh, Pa.: Hygeia Media, c2009.

Related Videos​

​​Dr. Stacy Elliott: Information about Penile Injections

Sexual medicine physician Dr. Stacy Elliot discusses what a penile injection is, demonstrates how it works, and describes the step-by-step process.

Information about the Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Col Hallas of American Medical Systems gives an overview of penile implant devices and talks about how they work.

Information about the Vacuum Erection Device

Dustin Olson from Timm Medical Technologies discusses and demonstrates how to use a vacuum erection device.

Overview of Male Fertility (Part 1 of 3)

Reproductive medicine expert John Mulhall describes the male reproductive system, including organs and hormones involved in sperm production and delivery.

Fertility Options for Men with Cancer (Part 2 of 3)

Reproductive medicine expert John Mulhall discusses several fertility options for men who are being treated for cancer.

Sperm Banking (Part 3 of 3)

Reproductive medicine expert John Mulhall describes the use of cryopreservation to freeze and store sperm before cancer treatment.

Fertility Options for Young Male Cancer Patients

Learn about fertility preservation for young men and boys treated for cancer at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

Sex & Chronic Diseas​e - Can Women Still Feel Sexy

Dr. Brotto explains how a woman with a chronic disease can find that part of her that is still sexual.

Fertility issues after cancer treatment

Some cancer treatments may affect a woman's ability to have children. Dr. Elizabeth Ginsburg shares options to help preserve fertility.

Fertility Preservation and Cancer Treatment for Women

Dr. Janet McLaren Bouknight speaks with a patient recently diagnosed with cancer about fertility preservation before beginning cancer treatment.

Fertility Options for Young Female Cancer Patients

Learn about fertility preservation for young women and girls treated for cancer at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.




Sexual Health Resources.pdf

The following patient education resources are available in booklet form. Pick up a printed copy at your local cancer centre.





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