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Having a Knee Replacement

Equipment you'll need

It’s important to use the right equipment after surgery. This will protect your knee and lower your risk of falling when you’re home.

Have your equipment ready 1 to 2 weeks before surgery so you can practise using it. You may need some of the following items:

  • a walking aid, such as a walker, cane, or crutches
  • a reacher
  • a chair with armrests
  • a sock aid, leg lifter, elastic shoe laces, and a long-handled shoehorn
  • a non-slip bath mat
  • a raised toilet seat
  • toilet arm rests
  • a long-handled sponge or brush
  • a shower seat for a walk-in shower
  • a tub seat and a clamp-on tub bar for metal tubs
  • transfer bench for fiberglass tub (your healthcare team will tell you which to get)

You can buy, rent, or borrow equipment from:

  • a pharmacy or medical equipment store
  • a medical equipment loan program (if there’s one in your area)
  • friends or family (as long as the items are in good shape, safe, and the right type for your height and weight)
  • a ​community health unit or home care program​​

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