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Having a Knee Replacement

Day of surgery

Knowing what to expect on the day of your surgery helps you feel less anxious and more comfortable. Read the information below, and see before a​nd during your surgery to learn more.

In the operating room

Once you’re in the operating room, you’ll see different types of equipment. Your surgery team uses this equipment to closely watch how you’re doing during surgery. Equipment includes a machine to monitor your heart, a cuff to monitor your blood pressure, and a sensor that’s attached to your finger to monitor your oxygen level.

You’ll be given anesthesia before your surgery starts. This is medicine that makes you sleep and numbs your lower body to keep you comfortable during surgery. Feeling in your lower body will come back after surgery.

In the recovery room

You’ll go to the recovery room after surgery. A nurse will check the blood flow and feeling in your legs. The nurse will also:

  • check your breathing, heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure
  • ask about your pain level
  • have you take deep breaths

In your hospital room

Your healthcare team will help you to stand and take some steps on the day you have surgery.

Your healthcare team will work with you to safely change your position in bed, get out of bed, sit at the edge of the bed, sit in a chair, and begin walking for the first few times after surgery. Don’t try to change your position or get out of bed until it is safe to do so on your own.

You can have visitors once you’re settled into your hospital room.​

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