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Having a Knee Replacement

Exercises before surgery - Phase 1 exercises

Exercise is important for a successful surgery and getting back to everyday living. These phase 1 exercises will help you build strength before your surgery. Do them now and keep doing them after surgery until your healthcare team tells you to start the phase 2 exercises. Each exercise includes step-by-step instructions and an image to help you do them correctly.

  • Do these exercises on both legs so both legs are strong.
  • Do all the exercises slowly and with control.
  • Repeat each exercise at least 5 times. You can repeat them more than 5 times if it doesn’t hurt too much.

Exercise 6 — Thigh lifts

Note: Do this exercise only once you can do the harder thigh squeezes.

​Credit: All images on this page belong to the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services.​

For more information on physiotherapy services in Alberta go to Physiotherapy Services.​​

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