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Recovering After Lower Limb Amputation

Care of your limb

Below are guidelines to help you learn care of your limb (sometimes called residual limb):

  • Move slowly and carefully so you do not bump your limb or try to use the missing limb when moving.
  • Once your limb is healed, wash it each day using a facecloth, soap without perfume, and warm water.
  • After you wash, rinse your skin, and pat it dry. Use lotion without perfume to prevent dry and itchy skin.
  • Use a hand mirror to look for signs of skin problems at the end of your limb.
  • Do not shave your limb as you may develop ingrown hairs or an infection.
  • Put on a clean tubular compression or limb shrinker socks each day. Hand wash these items with a mild soap without perfume, rinse them well, and hang them to dry.
  • If you have a limb protector, wear it daily.
  • Ask your therapist about ways to help you cope with any loss of feeling in your limb and what to do about scarring.

Contact your family doctor right away if you suddenly have more pain, redness, warmth, or changes in drainage on your limb. These are signs infection.​

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