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Recovering After Lower Limb Amputation

Planning to leave the hospital

You, your family, and your healthcare team will work together on a plan for you to leave the hospital. This is also called your discharge plan.

Being discharged brings new challenges and changes for you to live safely. Planning is important for your safety and comfort, whether you are going home, moving in with a family member, or going to a rehabilitation centre or care facility.

There are different options for rehabilitation after an amputation. They depend on what your healthcare team recommends for you and what services are available near you.

Some people go to a rehabilitation facility before going home. Others can safely return home and continue their rehabilitation as an outpatient.

If outpatient rehabilitation is not available, you will need to continue with the home exercise program provided by your healthcare team.

Before you leave the hospital, someone from your healthcare team will set up follow-up appointments with your family doctor, surgeon, and physiatrist.​

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