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Recovering After Lower Limb Amputation

Your rehabilitation

Your rehabilitation starts right after surgery. Rehabilitation is different for everyone, and it may involve many different members of your healthcare team. You have an important part in the rehab process. Your rehab starts in the hospital and continues when you are home.

During your recovery, it will be important to:

  • control any swelling in the part of the limb that remains after surgery (sometimes called the residual limb)
  • prevent stiffness and loss of movement of the limb
  • build muscle strength
  • learn how to do regular daily activities with or without your new prosthesis such as bathing and dressing
  • learn how to adjust to life after amputation

Your healthcare team will talk with you about your options for rehab as well as what you can expect after the surgery. They will also talk with you about getting a prosthesis (artificial leg) once your limb has healed, and what to expect.​​

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