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Speech, Language and Hearing

Communication Access

Some people struggle with hearing, expressing themselves, or understanding others. Communication Access is what we do to make 2-way communication better for everyone. It means working together to help each other understand and be understood.

There are many ways to communicate, including:

  • listening
  • speaking
  • sign language
  • using gestures and body language
  • writing
  • drawing
  • sharing pictures
  • using tablets and speech-generating devices
Communication Access

Look for the Communication Access symbols at clinics, ho​spitals, or healthcare facilities. They show that staff know how​ to support different communication needs.

The Communication Access symbol is a promise to make communication easier for everyone. It shows 2 people giving and receiving information together.

Hearing Access symbol

The Hearing Access symbol means that a person has a hearing loss or that you are in a place that wants to support people who are deaf or hard of hearing. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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