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Communication Access

For patients

These tips can make communication easier at your healthcare appointments.

Things to bring

  • communication booklet or device
  • notes you can share that tell how to help you communicate
  • list of questions for your healthcare provider
  • charged smartphone or tablet to record the appointment or take notes
  • paper and pen or a whiteboard to write notes and questions
  • hearing aids with extra, charged batteries

Support person

Bring a support person with you. This can be a family member, close friend, caregiver, or communication assistant (intermediary) who knows how you communicate best. They can help you understand information from your healthcare provider and help your healthcare provider understand you.

During your appointment

  • Let your healthcare provider know how you best understand others and express yourself.
  • Write notes.
  • Ask your health care provider to write down important information for you.
  • Ask your healthcare provider to explain anything you don't understand.

Recording your appointment​

Ask your healthcare provider if it is okay to record the conversation so you can listen to it again later. This will help you remember the information and make sure you understand it.

My Care Conversations is a free smartphone AHS app. It lets you record, store, and sort conversations with your healthcare provider.

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