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Having a Knee Replacement


This information will help you learn how to safely do household chores and daily activities.

Doing laundry

Have someone do laundry for you. If you don’t have someone to do your laundry:

  • Do smaller loads.​
  • Carry your loads in a plastic bag, backpack, or wheeled cart.
  • Use a reacher to get your laundry in or out of front-loading machines.
  • Sit on a high stool to do ironing.

Working in the kitchen


Some grocery stores offer delivery or curb-side pickup. Check with the store you shop at. If you need to go to a store:

  • Have someone help you with shopping.
  • Shop at stores that are easily accessible (such as stores with a wide entrance and no stairs).
  • Bring your walking aid with you.
  • Bring your reacher to pick up items from the lower shelves.
  • Use a backpack to carry the things you buy.
  • Buy canned or frozen goods to cut back on the how often you have to shop.

Doing housework and yard work

You should be able to do light housekeeping, such as dusting and washing dishes.

Have someone help with heavy work, such as vacuuming, washing floors, changing bed sheets, cutting the grass, and shoveling snow. You can also hire help (if you can afford it).

Take out small amounts of garbage at a time or have someone take out garbage for you.

Credit: All images on this page belong to the Bone and Joint Health ​Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services.​

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