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Your Guide After a Hip Fracture (Breaking a Hip)

When to get medical help

If you have pain in your chest or trouble breathing, call 911.

See your family doctor if you:

  • have fallen (to get follow-up care)
  • struggle with your eating or desire to eat (appetite)
  • have any questions or concerns

See your surgeon if you have:

  • more redness, pain, or swelling in your legs
  • a problem with your incision (surgical cut), such as very bad pain, it starts to come apart, leaks more fluid, or leaks fluid that is thick, green, or has a bad smell
  • sudden, sharp pain in your hip
  • chills or a temperature above 38.5oC
  • more bruising that doesn’t start to go away after 3 weeks – It’s normal to have bruising around the hip up to 3 weeks after surgery.

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