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Your Guide After a Hip Fracture (Breaking a Hip)

Phase 2 hip exercises

You can start these exercises 6 weeks after surgery, once you’re comfortable with all the Phase 1 hip exercises. If any of the exercises hurt too much, talk to your doctor or surgeon.

Start with a few exercises at a time and do them often. Do them at least 2 times a day, repeating each exercise 5 to 10 times. Slowly work up to 4 times a day, repeating each exercise 30 times.

Do all exercises slowly and with control.

Bed Exercises

Exercise 1

  1. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lift hips toward the ceiling.
  3. Hold for a count of 3 to 5. Remember to breathe.
  4. Slowly lower your hips back towards the bed.
  5. Repeat.


Exercise 2

  1. Lie on your side with hips and knees bent. You can put a pillow between your legs to make you more comfortable.
  2. Keep your feet together. Remember not to twist or use your back muscles.
  3. Lift the top knee, like a clamshell opening.
  4. Hold for a count of 3 to 5 and slowly lower the knee.
  5. Repeat.

bed-ex2a.png bed-ex2b.png 

Exercise 3

  1. Lie on your side. Bend the bottom leg to stop you from rolling onto your back.
  2. Keep the top leg straight and lift it towards the ceiling. Make sure you don’t roll forward or backward. Keep your knee facing forward.
  3. Slowly lower the leg.
  4. Repeat.


Standing Exercises

Do these exercises once you’re able to stand safely. When doing these standing exercises, remember to stand up straight and tuck in your pelvis and backside. Hold onto or stand against a countertop or wall with a bar for support. This is safer than using a chair. If you use a chair, make sure it’s sturdy.

Exercise 1

  1. Stand with support.
  2. Gently rise up on your toes.
  3. Hold for a count of 3 to 5.
  4. Return your feet flat on the ground.
  5. Repeat.


Exercise 2

  1. Stand with support.
  2. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Bend your hips and knees while keeping your back straight. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes.
  4. Hold for a count of 3 to 5.
  5. Squeeze your backside and thigh muscles to stand up straight.
  6. Repeat.


Exercise 3

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. With your hands on your hips, stand up straight.
  3. Stand for a count of 3 to 5 and then sit back down.
  4. Repeat.


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