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Living Kidney Donation

Questions to Think About


What other questions do I need to answer when thinking about donating?

  • What are your feelings and beliefs about organ donation?
  • What are your risks and benefits if you donate?
  • How could your donation affect your relationship with the recipient or with your family?
  • How will you manage your work, school and other responsibilities while you’re recovering?
  • Who else could be a donor? If there are other people who might be able to donate, how will you decide who should be considered first for evaluation? (Only 1 person is evaluated at a time.)
  • How will you feel if the results of the evaluation show that you can’t donate?
  • Who will support you while you’re making the decision to donate and you’re being evaluated?

Can I change my mind?

You may choose to end your living donor evaluation at any time, even if some or all of the tests are done. All results and any rea​son you give for stopping are private. You may want to tell the recipient about your reasons for deciding not to donate. If you’re not comfortable telling the recipient, the living donor program will let the recipient team know you’ve been declined as a donor for medical reasons at this time.

If I decide to donate a kidney, what happens next?

We hope this topic has answered your questions about living kidney donation. For more information or if you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, contact the Living Kidney Donor Program closest to your home in Alberta:

Southern Alberta Transplant Program (ALTRA) - Living Donor Program in Calgary


Living Donor Services – Transplant Services, University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton

Can I speak to someone who’s donated?

Sometimes talking to someone who’s been a living donor can be helpful. It can help when deciding whether or not to donate and during the evaluation. The more you know, and the better your support system, the more confident and in control you’ll feel.

If you want to speak to someone who’s donated, call the Kidney Foundation of Canada branches in Alberta.

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