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Nutrition and your kidney transplant

Eating well before and after your kidney transplant is an important part of your treatment plan. A healthy eating plan for most people who have a kidney transplant is a heart healthy eating plan that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Your transplant team dietitian will help you plan to eat well when you’re getting ready for surgery. They’ll also work with you after your kidney transplant so you can recover well. Your dietician works with you so that these plans for healthy eating will fit with your needs and be something you can manage.

Eating well before your transplant can help you:

  • get enough protein to help you heal better
  • keep your heart healthy
  • manage your weight
  • manage your cholesterol and phosphorous levels

Healthy eating and active living after your transplant can help you:

  • lower your chances of unplanned health problems (complications)
  • prevent infection
  • manage your blood glucose (sugar) levels to support healing
  • keep your bones healthy and strong​

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