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Transplant Recipient Information

Medicines after your transplant

You’ll notice that some of the medicines you are asked to take after your transplant are quite different than those before your surgery. It’s very important that you take all your medicines as prescribed – right dose, right time.

Some of the new medicines you’ll be taking are called immunosuppressants. These medicines work by making your immune system weaker, so your body doesn’t attack or fight against your new kidney and reject it.

  • immuno = your immune system
  • suppressant = weakens, controls, or prevents

You may also need to take medicines to help prevent infection.

These medicines may include:​​​


Use caution with any other medicines

There are many medicines and foods that change the way other medicines work in your body. This is true for your immunosuppressant medicines as well. For example, antibiotics and anti-seizure medicines may not work the same or it may be a different dose if you’re on an immunosuppressant. This is why it’s always important to talk to your transplant team first to be sure changes to your medicines are done safely.

Don’t take any medicine without ​talking to the transplant team first. This includes over the counter, herbals, supplements, and prescription medicines prescribed by someone outside of your transplant team.

If you need, or are interested in starting, a new medicine, talk to your transplant team first to be sure it is done safely. Make sure any prescriber knows you have a kidney transplant.

Always talk to your healthcare te​am before you get a vaccine.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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