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Insulin Pump Therapy

Insulin Pump Therapy Learning Module

​Welcome to the insulin pump therapy learning module.

Insulin pump therapy is a different way for your body to get insulin. It’s not better than using insulin pens or syringes, just different, and it’s not for everyone. This module will help you decide if insulin pump therapy is right for you or your child. Be sure to review all of this information with your diabetes team.

Who is this module for?

This module is like an online class. It’s for people with type 1 diabetes—such as you or your child—who are interested in insulin pump therapy. Most of this information is also for people with type 2 diabetes who are interested in insulin pump therapy.

What will I learn?

See the left side of this page for the complete list of topics the module covers.

By the end of this online learning module, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • List good habits that help you manage your blood glucose when you have diabetes.
  • Explain how insulin pumps work and name their parts.
  • Describe what’s the same and what’s different between giving yourself many injections (called multiple daily injections or MDI) and using an insulin pump.
  • List the advantages and challenges of insulin pump therapy.
  • Know how to choose an insulin pump that’s right for you.
  • Know what to expect when you start and as you continue with insulin pump therapy.
  • Describe the steps to get started on insulin pump therapy.

Insulin Pump Therapy Program

You’ll also learn about the Insulin Pump Therapy Program or IPTP for short. It’s Alberta’s program that covers the cost of insulin pumps and pump supplies. Near the end of this module, you’ll find the questionnaire you need to fill out before you apply for the IPTP.

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