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Insulin Pump Therapy

How to use this learning module


This MyHealth.Alberta.ca learning module is very easy to use.

Move through the module using the blue arrows at the bottom of each page. They’ll move you forward or back.

At the bottom of each page you can also see the page number you’re on and how many pages are in the module. Don’t let the number of pages scare you. Many pages are short.

If you leave the module, you can quickly get back to the page you stopped at. The list of sections is on the left side of each page. Choose the section where you stopped, and you’ll be back where you left off.

To make the text easier to read, you can make the text bigger or smaller by clicking these icons at the top right of the page.

There are learning checks throughout the module. These are quick multiple-choice or true-or-false questions to help you see what you’ve been learning. Choose your answer to find out if it’s correct or to see the correct answer. Note that the learning checks are different from the questionnaire you need to fill out to apply for the Insulin Pump Therapy Program.​​​