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Insulin Pump Therapy

4. Insulin pump advantages

In this section, you will learn:

  • some of the advantages of insulin pump therapy

Now that you know more about how insulin pump therapy compares to injections, this section tells you about the advantages of being on an insulin pump.

Remember that insulin pump therapy is different, not better, than injections. The advantages of insulin pump therapy are different for everyone. Here are some common advantages of pump therapy over injections:

  • The pump can give you the right amount of insulin at the times you need it.
  • There’s less risk of low and high blood glucose.
  • You need fewer insulin injections.
  • You get more options for meal bolus insulin.
  • You may enjoy a more flexible lifestyle.
  • Your A1c values (3-month average blood glucose) may be the same or a bit better on insulin pump therapy compared to injections.

Here are some reasons insulin pump therapy may work well for you:

  • You often have hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness (when you don’t know you have low blood glucose).
  • You have a large blood glucose rise before waking (dawn phenomenon).
  • Your lifestyle changes a lot due to exercise, shift work, mealtimes.
  • You have trouble managing your blood glucose because of your period, long-term (chronic) illness, or pain.
  • You tend to need very small amounts of insulin (such as if you’re a toddler, child, or athlete).
  • You’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant.
  • You can’t meet your insulin needs with intermediate-acting, long-acting, or ultralong-acting basal insulin.

Remember that good self-management habits are always important for keeping your blood glucose in your target range. You can review the habits in Section 1: Good habits to manage your blood glucose.​​​