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7.2 Insulin pumps you can get in Canada

There are 4 brands of insulin pumps available in Canada:

Ask your diabetes centre about insulin pumps. Some centres offer classes about insulin pump brands. No matter what insulin pump you choose, it’s important to get the pump about 2 weeks before you start on insulin pump therapy. That’s because you need time to get comfortable with your pump.

All insulin pumps you can buy in Canada have these features:

  • They can calculate meal boluses and correction insulin.
  • They include more than 1 basal profile, like 1 profile for workdays and 1 for days off.
  • They give basal rates for a short time, such as less basal insulin when you exercise.
  • They give different types of meal boluses, such as normal or over a longer time. 
  • They offer safety features like alarms and locks.
  • They can figure out and show your insulin on board (also called active insulin).

The Insulin Pump Therapy Program (IPTP) may not cover every brand of pump you can get in Canada. The IPTP also doesn’t cover supplies for continuous glucose monitoring, now known as real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM), or intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring (isCGM). Talk to your diabetes centre to learn more.​​​​