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Bariatric Surgery

About bariatric surgery: Benefits and risks

What are the benefits of bariatric surgery?

The most important benefits of bariatric surgery are weight loss, better health, and better quality of life. Other benefits of bariatric surgery may include:

  • losing more weight than other treatments alone
  • having closer to normal blood sugar levels and blood pressure
  • being able to breathe more easily
  • being able to move better and be more active
  • having better fertility and pregnancy outcomes (meaning you’re more likely to get pregnant, stay pregnant, or get someone pregnant and be able to have children)
  • having a lower risk of death from heart disease and some types of cancer

What are the risks of bariatric surgery?

The risks of bariatric surgery include:

  • feeling sick to your stomach (nausea) or throwing up (vomiting)
  • having a higher risk for low levels of certain vitamin and minerals
  • needing plastic surgery to remove extra skin after a lot of weight loss
  • having changes in your mental health or relationships with friends and family (these changes may make things better or worse)
  • gaining back some or all of the weight you lost
  • getting a blood clot, leaks in the intestine, an infection, or even death (in rare cases)​

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