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Bariatric Surgery

While you wait for surgery

Your clinic will give you information about your surgery and what to expect. Keep practising healthy lifestyle changes before surgery, and be ready to keep them up after surgery.

You’ll have medical tests to make sure it’s safe for you to have surgery. Tests may include:

  • a sleep test
  • blood tests
  • tests to check how well your heart is working

You’ll need to go to all appointments with your healthcare team at the clinic. You’ll also need to keep working on lifestyle changes.

Bariatric surgery is an elective surgery. This means, your surgery may be delayed or cancelled if there is a surgery that’s more urgent than yours.

What can I do to make things easier when I get home from surgery?

While you wait for surgery, make sure to plan and have things ready at home to help you rest and recover.

Arrange to have a responsible adult drive you home after surgery and help you get settled at home.

More information

For more information, go to getting ready for surgery. You can also visit the before surgery checklist to find out what to do the day before surgery and the morning of your surgery.​​

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