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How can I help my baby listen and talk?

Your baby’s listening skills will grow a​nd change as your baby gets older.

See the chart below to learn how babies use their hearing as they grow.

Age range
Your baby will
​1 and​ 3 months
  • jump or be startled when there’s a sudden loud sound
  • seem aware of sounds (e.g., telephone ringing, music)
  • fin​d your voice soothing and comforting
​3 and 6 months
  • ​​turn their eyes and head to look for sounds or their name
  • enjoy music and noise-making toys
  • begin to coo and gurgle (e.g., ooh, ba-ba)
​6 and 10 months
  • ​​respond to familiar voices and sounds
  • make many different babbling sounds
  • understand common words like “no” and “more”
​10 and 15 months
  • ​understand when you say simple things
  • use many sounds and imitate simple words
  • maybe use a few single words meaningfully
​15 to 18 months
  • ​​be able to tell where sounds are coming from
  • point to body parts​
  • using 3 or 4 words as well as saying “ma-ma” and “da-da”​
  • be using 10 words by 18 months 
​At 24 months
  • ​be able to use 50 words and some two word phrases
  • be able to understand a two part sentence 

Where to go get help

For more information about how speech-language pathologists and audiologists can help, contact:

  • Your doctor, public health nurse, or other health provider
  • Your local health centre

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