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Bariatric Surgery

Types of Bariatric Surgery in Alberta

Are there different types of bariatric surgery?

Yes. In Alberta, the 2 most common types of bariatric surgery are:

  • gastric bypass​
  • sleeve gastrectomy

Each surgery can help treat obesity by making your stomach smaller. This means you can only eat a very small amount of food at a time. Surgery also causes changes to the digestive tract which makes it harder for some nutrients to get absorbed by the body.

Each surgery has risks and benefits so it’s important to talk to your surgeon about what type of surgery may be best for you.

How is bariatric surgery done?

Bariatric surgery is done by laparoscopic surgery. This means that the surgeon makes several small openings (incisions) in the abdomen (belly) instead of one large opening (an open procedure). The surgeon uses the small openings to place tools used to do the surgery and a camera to see inside the body during the surgery. Having laparoscopic surgery usually means a quicker recovery and less complications than with an open procedure.

The surgeon also puts air inside the abdomen to inflate it. This helps them see the organs and other structures inside the abdomen more easily. Most of this air is removed at the end of the surgery.


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