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Growing Up Online

Growing up online

This information is for youth and families. It’ll help you start a conversation about digital technology. You’ll also find tools and resources to help you learn more about using digital technology in a healthy way.

 Young people Digital technology has an important role in your life. So it’s helpful to understand the good and bad ways that digital technology can affect you and your family.

The benefits of digital technology include:

  • better reading and understanding skills
  • makes some things easier to learn
  • quicker access to information
  • helps you stay better connected to your friends and family

Parents, families, and caregivers often worry about the misuse and overuse of digital technology and screen time, the use of digital technology when adults aren’t around, and the problems that the use of digital technology can lead to. These problems include:

  • stress and loneliness
  • a shorter attention span (not being able to pay attention for longer periods)
  • losing interest in things they enjoy
  • sleep problems
  • being very active and excited that leads to poor behaviour (hyperactivity)
  • more conflict or arguments
  • spending less time with others or having more fears than usual
  • being addicted to using digital technology

This information includes facts for youth and tips for parents on:

  • digital technology
  • social media
  • gaming
  • online gambling
  • online pornography
“I believe that when technology is used positively, its effect is largely more positive than negative. I have used it to reach out for support, and I received what I asked for. At the same time, I have found the opposite of support online. The largest or most important benefit for me is the resources it provides me to help me cope with anxiety. I receive hourly reminders to ground myself and take a breath. In another way, it’s become a contributor to my anxiety… when it’s important for me to… have the least amount of stimulus as possible”.

– Anonymous youth, age 13

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