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Growing Up Online

Social media

 Young people

Social media and online communities have become a regular part of growing up. Social media allows you to explore and develop who you are, what you like, and what you don’t like.

Social media sites can be a useful tool to connect with others, especially if you feel isolated, like you don’t fit in, or have trouble connecting with others in person. But research shows that your well-being can be affected if you use these sites too much, too often, or if you can’t stop thinking about them.

“I view social media as a negative source of information. The false expectations placed upon youth are growing with every account made. Fitness pages, modelling pages, “daily living” pages, outline unrealistic goals for youth. The amount of posts I have encountered where the person has a “perfect” body, hair, life, boyfriend, etc. is endless.

No one will ever post the ugly parts of their life on social media. We are proud of people who preach about positivity but never truly live it. Social media is the downfall to the honesty of human beings.” 

– Tessa, age 16

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