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Growing Up Online

Online gambling

 Young people

Gambling involves skill and luck and can be very exciting. You can gamble on devices, like game consoles, smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Research shows that gambling, even with pretend (virtual) money, can lead to problems later in life. When you gamble, your brain reacts the same way as it does to substances like alcohol or cannabis.

"No one has ever taught me how much time is too much to spend on my phone. No one tracks my use, but I’ve heard there’s an app that tracks how much time you spend on your phone and that you should keep your phone outside of your bedroom. We learn lots about drugs and alcohol and sexual health, but we’ve never had someone talk to us about digital technology.

I think that it’s really important that parents, teachers, healthcare providers talk to us about digital technology and are good role models. I also think that adults need to be realistic, especially from a youth perspective. No one will stop using social media or technology, so you’ll get a better response if you talk about spending less time on them instead."

– Anonymous youth

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