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Growing Up Online


Health professionals and parents noticed the overuse and misuse of digital technology as an emerging issue affecting children, youth, and their families. To help youth and parents better understand these topics and make healthy choices, the Provincial Addiction and Mental Health, Child, Youth and Family Initiatives (CYFI) Working Group started this project.

This information is also available in a larger toolkit in both French and English. To find out how to access it, contact Provincial Information and Child, Youth, and Family Initiatives Standards at

Digital technology

Canadian sedentary behaviour guidelines
How much time children should spend in screen-based activities in a day? Learn how your child can be more active and get a better sleep.

Learning about supporting your teen's social life online
Learn how to support your teen to ​develop healthy online behaviours.

Media and your child: Making choices
Find out ways to help manage your child’s screen time.

Family media plan
Learn how to create a media plan for your family​​.

Internet matters
Get online safety tools and guidelines to help children stay safe online.

Protect kids online
Learn how to protect children when they’re online. You’ll also find online education and prevention information to help keep kids safe online and in everyday life.

Protecting and promoting privacy rights
Get information about youth privacy and the importance of privacy when using digital technology.

Get information about crimes that can be committed online and how to prevent them from happening.

Parental control applications
Find out about parental control apps to help parents and caregivers protect children’s privacy and online safety.

Social media

Explore digital and media literacy
Get educational tools and learning modules from the Media Awareness Network to help you learn more about digital and social media.

Social networking
Learn what stories to keep, how to help manage social networking during the pandemic, and other social networking topics.

Help! Someone shared a photo of me without my consent! – Tip sheet
Get tips on what to do if you post something you regret or someone posts something about you that you didn’t want them to.

18 Social media apps and sites kids are using right now
Learn about social networking applications and sites that teens use.

Screen time and young children
Find out what Canadian pediatricians say about screen time for children under the age of 5.

Social media: What parents should know
Find out what Canadian pediatricians say about sharing information and images through social media.

Social Media Map
Get information about the many social media websites, including those related to gaming.


Keeping games fun and friendly
Learn how to keep games fun.

Online gaming
Learn about the online games that youth play and problems with online gaming. You’ll also find guidelines for parents to help youth manage gaming at home.

Parental controls for gaming
Get tips to help parents encourage healthy online gaming.

Game age ratings
Get information to help you choose age-appropriate games for children.

Advertising and marketing guidelines – International Age Rating Coalition (IARC)
Learn about game ratings and content and how games are marketed.

Online Gambling

Brain connections – Understanding addiction and the brain
Find out how problem gambling affects the brain.

Get the most out of playing
Learn about gambling and how it can be safe and fun.

Gambling, gaming and technology use
Get quizzes, videos, and articles to learn about gambling and gaming online.

Know the stakes
Get resources in Alberta for healthy and responsible gambling.

Gambling addiction
Learn about gambling addiction and how to find information and support.

International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors
Learn how to identify and understand youth gambling problems and other high-risk behaviour.

Self-Help gambling tools
Get helpful tools for gambling problems. Information is available in different languages and for friends and family.

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission
Learn recommendations on how to use gambling as a form of healthy entrainment.

Gaming legislation
Get information about legal gaming in Alberta:

Play Alberta
Learn about the only regulated online gambling site in the province:

Responsible Gambling Council
Get information on venues that oversee all aspects of responsible gambling.

Online Pornography

Protect kids online
Learn how to protect children to help keep them safe online and in everyday life.

Online safety
Get tips and resources from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help you talk to your children about being safe.

Get cyber safe
Learn about the online risks to children and youth, such as child pornography, online luring, and more.

Intimate images
Find out how to talk to your teens about sharing and receiving naked pictures. You’ll also learn what to do if you think your child is involved in or is being exploited by online pornography.

Find out what to do if you need help with a situation that involves sexting, pornography, and exploitation. Parents can also find out how to report these issues.

Learn about the online dangers and problems related to sex. You’ll also find tools to help you know if you’re addicted to sex and pornography, and what you can do to treat it.​​​

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