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Your Child’s Surgery

The operating room (OR)


The operating room is sometimes called the OR. The OR is a very busy place with lots of bright lights, large medical equipment and machines, and specially trained medical professionals.

Meeting the surgery team

When it’s almost time for surgery, a hospital staff member will take you and your child to the operating room waiting area. You’ll meet the following surgery team members:

  • surgeon or doctor doing the procedure
  • operating room nurses
  • anesthesiologist (a specially trained doctor who will give your child medicine to prevent them from feeling pain or waking up during surgery)

Safe surgery checklist

The safe surgery checklist is used to keep your child safe while in the OR. OR staff will check your child’s personal information including their name, birthdate, any allergies, and other important information. The checklist is a tool your child’s surgical team uses to help them make sure they have all the right information. This helps lower the chance of anything going wrong during the surgery.

The Safe Surgery Checklist is used:

  • when your child is being prepared for surgery
  • before the surgeon starts the surgery
  • before your child leaves the OR and goes to the post-anesthetic care unit

Different healthcare providers will ask you or your child the same questions (name, birthdate, and other information) to make sure that the checklist matches what you tell them.

Your child’s surgery will only begin after all the items on the checklist match.​

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